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18th Apr 2005, 13:04
This year, Tomb Raider Community Network (TRComm.Net), in association with leading Tomb Raider Fan Sites - TombRaiderGirl.Com, TombRaiderInc.Com, PlanetLara.Com and Polish Tomb Raider World - and with some of its member sites, is holding a fan art competition - Tomb Raider Fan Art Competition 2005.

All Tomb Raider fan artists are invited to participate in this competition. We have special prize for the winner. Details regarding competition are as follows:

Starting Date: April 5th, 2005
Ending Date: June 15th, 2005
Winner Announcement Date: July 1st, 2005

1. Only new art-works (never published) are accepted. All submissions will be cross checked via the databases of our trusted partners and supporting friends. Works which were already published, will be deleted and member will be disqualified.
2. Submitted works should not exceed maximum image size of 1024x1024 pixels, and should be of Jpeg, Gif or Png format.
3. Submitting other people's works (that is plagiarism) is strictly forbidden! And such works will be deleted and member will be disqualified for 3 (three) competitions which will be held in future, including the current one.
4. Works will be accepted in 3 categories: pencil/pen/ink, wet-color/oil and composite/collages.

Prize: Tomb Raider Man of Bronze by J. Gardener and The Lost Cult by E.E. Knight to the winners of each category.

Judges: For now, we have selected 6 experienced Tomb Raider webmasters and experts as judges. We are looking forward to increasing this number up to 10 to make it easier to evaluate submitted works.

Uploads should be made in the Croft Society Fan Art Forum

If you encounter any problems with uploading or registration, please contact us via: support - at - tombraidercommunity - dot - com.