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17th Apr 2005, 18:34
Hi there, is there anybody who can give some advices in making those things?

I want to make a fog and some colored lights (blue light shining trought rooftop).

And I am interested in making rainy and snowy weather...

Thanks guys... :confused:

John D.
17th Apr 2005, 20:46
On colored lights:

Gives the light a colour. No more white lights.
Hue: 0 = Red, 0.1 = Orange, 0.2 = Light Yellow, 0.3 = Green, 0.4 = Blue Green, 0.5 = Light Blue, 0.6 = Darker Blue, 0.7 = Purple, 0.8 = Violet, 0.9 = Reddish Purple, 1 = Red. You can use atleast two decimals to give the light a finer shade.

Saturation runs from none (0.0) to full (1.0)
No saturation is pure white light; full saturation is all color.

There's some tutorials on weather at http://www.thief-thecircle.com/dromed/navsubject.asp?subVar=WEATH1

18th Apr 2005, 06:01
Yeah, that is great, thanks John... :D