View Full Version : Infantry facing

Joe 98
17th Apr 2005, 00:22
How do I have an infantry line infantry face a direction?

17th Apr 2005, 00:24
as far as I know a LOOOOOOOOT of clicking, and then you're still lucky if they actually go where you tell them too. this is basically my one pet peave about this game. (well, demo)

17th Apr 2005, 00:53
You can click and drag to determine the unit's facing when giving them orders.

Also, you can hold the cursor in a direction and hit a key (S?) to get the unit to face the cursor.

17th Apr 2005, 00:56
really? tried something like that, but I guess I was just messing them up more then.

Les The Lionheart
17th Apr 2005, 16:20
yup that is all possible but they change were they face to face enemy which can be annoying. because they leave big gaps for horsies to mash your cannons up.