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16th Apr 2005, 20:59
from the screenshots in the fansite kit, the additional tactics buttons look promising. One of them even looks like it's stand ground.

16th Apr 2005, 23:20
nice to see another CSG here. is that kit any good? i thought about dling it but was to big for me.. (56k) and didn't feel like asking a friend....

17th Apr 2005, 00:18
the screenshots are cool, there isn't much in it though. I do like the models of the units (French and British) that are included though. I don't know if someone would be able to change whatever about them through there.

Emperor Asrailius
17th Apr 2005, 14:45
you know that if you press the tactics button in the demo, there will be numerous formations for your army. unfortunatly there is no stand ground function :(

17th Apr 2005, 15:46
sorry to break it to you but i think we did know already... atleast i did.

Les The Lionheart
17th Apr 2005, 16:05
Yup I already new but the formations are stupid it is allmost impossible to put the troops in one big long line.

17th Apr 2005, 17:49
yes, I know, but I'm talking about the buttons you can press WITHOUT pressing the tactics button.

17th Apr 2005, 18:02
officers in the full version will be capable of cordinating multiple units at a time.

Captains - 3 units

Colonels - 4 units

Generals - 5 units

Field Marshals - 6 units

I would imagine you could have multiple commanders in the same army allowing for an extremely large organized & well lead army.

Les The Lionheart
17th Apr 2005, 18:47
Nice tip bit of info their.