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14th Apr 2005, 08:07
I'm just wondering if a patch is in works or going to be released anytime soon? If so when? Do you wish for us to tell you of bugs, features this game is missing to make it worth our $50? Please let me ( us ) know because we deserve to know this :) If you are taking suggestions regarding features / bug fixes the main ones you should do are:

Lag / sync issue in online play where players move around like bullets.

Chatting system so we can TYPE and talk all we want, place this chatting system on the top left of the screen and also make it seethru background and scrollable incase you don't care to see people talking or talk.

Add a way to change sound settings

Add dedicated SERVER option

Add AUTO-TEAM balance in team DM and other team based fights

Make it so people cannot just drop out of a game when there's 1 / 2 / 3 mins left just so they don't get loses "thats cheating and according to your TOU cheating is not allowed"

This is my personal one: Remove the tanks, orges because they are pointless and only noobs jump in them to get easy frags, or if not make them easier to destroy or make them give less damage to others.

Add a SEND CRASH INFO so when the game crashes we can just go head and send you all the info right-away so you may see it and be able to fix it on the next patch!

MAKE MORE MAPS! or release a MAP EDITOR so we can make maps so we can play more than the same ol 10 maps over and over again!

In regards to making more maps, make it so when one joins that does not have the map it automatically downloads it.

Also put in place a cheater detecting system such as punkbuster to prevent cheaters/hacks etc.

I don't think we should allow for votekicks or administrators kicking because if someone is owning them they will get mad and like little babies they will do lame votekicks and admins will kick for no reason other than because you beat them which happens in pretty much all the games and it's lame. So NO votekicking or admin kicking just cheat detecting is what's needed.

I can go on and on, but we'll end it there. If any of you users have more ideas post here and maybe edios will add / fix these things in the next patch release!

29th Apr 2005, 18:53
thats prity much it lol

plz do this will be much better gaming experiance :D