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Gabriel de Araceli
13th Apr 2005, 13:03
Hello there!

I've been reading in this forums and think IG will be a good game (venga, tÃ*os de Pyro, podéis hacerlo!!! :p)

And what I demanding from the good modders (Berdan power!) is a France mod. All you have to do is:

Copy "02Austria" or "04Inglaterra" from ...\Imperial Glory Demo\FSCommand\Models in the same folder and rename it to "01Francia".
Mod the skins for the different units (I tried it but all I could do is putting britons a little bit more blue :)).

The same for the flags in ...\Imperial Glory Demo\FSCommand\Models\BANDERAS. The new flag file will be Francia.tga.

Now we are ready to chane the demo.sb file in ...\Imperial Glory Demo\FSCommand\Game\GameModes\Demo folder:

Where "JUG_AUSTRIA" (or "JUG_GRAN_BRETANYA") change to "JUG_FRANCIA", and for the units, change "PAIS 3" (or "PAIS 1") to "PAIS 2". Changing "PAIS" you can have different country units under the same flag.

Now we got blue spots in the map, the french flang in the "global status bar" and the french names for the units.

ANd I think it's all. Hope my poor english could explain it correctly.

I also changed:

the cannon balls reboundings in the DatosBatalla.sb file in ...\Imperial Glory Demo\FSCommand\Game\GameModes\Batalla folder:

changing ".NUM_REBOTES_ARTILLERIA 4" (don't change to a very elevate number except if you want to play bowling).

the chaos in the formatios of the different units in the same file DatosBatalla.sb:





In that file you can either chang the particle system values when units moving (".PARTICULAS_MOVER_UNIDADES").

Well I hope it can help everybody.

13th Apr 2005, 14:35
nice work there Gabriel! yes adding the french did cross my mind the prussians & russians as well (theres quite a many number of neutral nations as well ;) ) as demonstrated it's easy to add units to the game. the hard part is the art. i'm seriously no artist & getting the uniforms accurate for the different units will require some good research. theres still so much more to dig through & learn....i've spent many more hours analyzing the files than i have actually playing the game :D but i'm glad everybody is enjoying the mods & with alittle help we'll turn this from a good game into something great!

Cheers! :cool:

13th Apr 2005, 16:40
So does this mean someday we could have more than the 5 shipping as playable nations? That would be great.


13th Apr 2005, 17:25
once everything is figured out, yes anything is possible with this engine. even could make a mod for a different era entirely :cool:

14th Apr 2005, 06:39
I already posted messages about that elsewhere but I'm ready to help with some of the art. I'm a professional artist in the game industry so I think I can do an ok job with it :D On the other hand I suck at implementing stuff so if somebody could help me on that side that would be nice. I'll look into modding some French troops although I don't have too much free time.

14th Apr 2005, 09:59
I did a quick try at doing a Vieille Garde Line Grenadier and a flag. Here is a pic in progress. Hopefully I'll have the time to finish it. It would take a bit of time to do all the French troops and I guess it's maybe better to wait for the game release :rolleyes: but anyway here is a try:


14th Apr 2005, 11:38
amazing! :eek: i'll pass the torch to you blackfish that is simply awsome :cool:

15th Apr 2005, 00:52
This modding festival may just surpass the game... (copyright stuff an issue?)

15th Apr 2005, 01:44
This modding festival may just surpass the game... (copyright stuff an issue?)

lol, yeah i'm just waiting for the moderators to kick my arse off here :D

15th Apr 2005, 04:10
they wont because u are keeping us breifly of the topic of release dates at least im kept busy and its just a demo this demo it more editable then the other games i have seen
and i think u are learning alot about the structure and coding within imperial glory and if u stick with it i can expect to see alot of yurr great work u are doing ofr the community