View Full Version : Giving Gamers and the Industry a Bad Name

Shugart BHD
13th Apr 2005, 00:35
Maybe it's me, but I hate when media and game companies to do things to degrade the public image of gamers. We've come along way from "games are for kids", but some things aren't helping. Having game characters dance to music on MTV didn't help, and it just showed that everyone thinks that the video game industry is slave to everyone else, which it isn't since it commands more money than the movie industry.

The college commercials that advertise Game Design piss me off. It looks like they're just trying to appeal to the general audience of people that would like to do something with games. One college (the name slips my mind) had some girl saying "Can you believe we get paid to play video games?". I was irate when I saw this. Yes it says dramatization in fine print, but that gives the industry a horrible reputation. It makes it look like people designing games just sit around and play them all day, which is not true. Game testing is a job position low on the hierarchy. It seems like it'd be fantastic, but playing the same game everyday for monthes looking for bugs and ways to make it better would get old.

I just wish the industry would get the respect it deserves. :(

Braided Thug
13th Apr 2005, 01:10
thats not the image of a gamer.The image of a gamer is a big fat dude who lives with his mom in there basement and never gets out.THATS the image of a gamer
Did you see Megas XLR

3rd May 2005, 13:37
Yeah Gamers dont have a bad name, when I think of a gamer its the guy in the group that did all of the project I mean dont get me wrong I respect all, but first thing I think of when I hear the word "gamer", is "geeker", but I've found myself playing games such as Socom II online which I enjoy to some extent til you start playing with the people who believe the game is their life. I still socialize go out Burn a L or two talkin to the breezes. :D
If anything man there trying to get away from the stereotype of "gamers" being geekers or just kids/adults who have nothing better to do but find the Magic Stone and Fight with magical weapons like those gay RPG games :cool:

4th May 2005, 17:39
Working in the video game industry I have found that there are all sorts of gamers, but the term gamer has become a generic catch phrase that has just been used to conjure up such images.