View Full Version : Jej Is A Punk...aris666 Is A Cheater!!!

13th Apr 2005, 00:08
#1: Why is it that every time JEJ is not winning a match, he quits with a minute to go... Well folks, if you ask him "its because his computer conveniently crashes", hahahaha - is that why the only time I ever see him leave is with under a minute left .... JEJ YOU ARE A PUNK

#2: ARIS666 is the biggest cheater I have ever seen on an online game...Bullets seemingly bounce off of him ... I unloaded 3 clips from the sniper rifle and WHAT? = NOTHING, he doesn't die.... He wins every game by gargantuan numbers partly because no one can kill him...

These two players make my online P:S experience horrible, I hope that they fall off the face of the earth....

Lets see what you guys have to say to defend yourselves ....

13th Apr 2005, 00:20
jej is a good guy, i have played with him in dx and he doesnt seem like that kind of guy..

13th Apr 2005, 00:33
:rolleyes: A fan already. I don't have to defend myself to you or anyone. I posted about my crashes along time ago on this forum. It's public record.

As for Aris666 he can defend probably himself, but he's just good. I've never seen anything in game indicative of him cheating.

Have a nice day :)

13th Apr 2005, 00:52
JEJ you are a fake, a phoney, and a SISSY!!!.... Trust me everyone out there, the only time he leaves a game is when he is not winning... He can say what he wants, but I know the truth .... Get a life U freak!!! Stop playing computer games all day...lol SISSY

13th Apr 2005, 01:00
This is completely unneccesary. Please use PM functionality instead of calling each other names, trolling, and flaming.