View Full Version : Looking for a great sci-fi shooter with fun multi-player???

12th Apr 2005, 23:40
Well this game isn't it :eek:

I think a moderator should sticky this thread because its honest and hopefully it will save someone 40 bucks.

I am a PC Gamer, I play PC shooters and love em. I got this game with high hopes due to the Deus-Ex series. After the technical nightmare that was Deus-Ex 2 for PC, I thought this game would be polished. Nope. Games on the Quake 3 engine look 100 times better. The game looks about as good as a half-life 1 mod. Back-grounds are ok, but in the age of HL2 this game is an embarrasment.

Im sure that the game is ok for the xbox, but pc gamers just have higher standards. We pay 100's of dollars to keep our hardware up to date and expect the best. Not only does it look bland and dated but it really isn't that good. Its average at best in the gameplay department.

Thats if you can get it to work. Technical nightmare. And after getting it to work. Sit back and have a great time on the TWO multiplayer servers running this game.

Sorry, 12.99 budget game maybe, but charging 40 dollars for this game is a crime.