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12th Apr 2005, 09:43
I was wondering if anybody had started looking at the files in the data.pack and found some way of moding the gameplay.
I think to make the game more realistic only a few things would have to be changed: lower the damage of all the weapons (probably at 30% or less of what it is now), lower the morale value (if there is one, I haven't seen guys running yet) and of course cut the movement speed of everybody by at least half.
What that should recreate is longer battles (so allowing for more manoeuvering and deeper tactical choices), and casualties that don't exceed 30-50% (everybody has ran off before they could get killed) which to me seems close to the results of an average napoleonic battle. Just changing those 3 values would do wonder to this game!

Oh and one word to the developpers: why don't they do 2 game modes, one arcade (like the one they have now) and one historical (like the one we all want :D ), so there, everybody would be happy.

And what the hell is that tactic with horses taking out artillery? I have never read anything about it historically. :confused:

The Dude 442
12th Apr 2005, 13:23
And what the hell is that tactic with horses taking out artillery? I have never read anything about it historically. :confused:
They don't take out the artillery, they kill the men operating them ;)

12th Apr 2005, 14:33
well theres still alotta digging & quite abit of translating from spanish to english to do. some functions in the files aren't defined therefore yer best bet is trial & error. this engine has alot of potential & if the full game ships in the same format as the demo it will be extremely mod friendly. i'd be interested in forming a team to work on this game. lets start throwing out ideas & see what we can accomplish.

12th Apr 2005, 16:30
if anything they should make it so artillary men can run away from the guns when enemy cavalry arrive, so later on they can come back and man the guns after recaptuing the artillary. Speaking of which you should be able to capture enemy artillary and have your men be able to man those guns (that is if you have any extra artillarymen)

12th Apr 2005, 19:20
Well I'm no modder, but even I can see that there is alot of potential here. The work Berdan has already done is very cool. And I agree with Sveland on the points about the arty. Being able to capture them, or at least reman them after your crews are lost would be nice. The use of calvary to take out the guns is weird to me in that they seem sucidal in doing it. They don't try to flank or anything, just come straight in through the lines if need be to get at them. I do like the looks of the game and would have loved to seen the strategic map in action, even if just for a handful of turns. Thanks all for your work on this. :)


12th Apr 2005, 19:32
no you should have it so that you can have ANY unit take the artillery this should also be added to the fact that artillery is made up of the standerd unit number (just a really bad unit with no attack, like RTW)... and only self destruction or being distroyed by other guns, no auto die by a cal unit, it should just have the men killed..

what i mean is this. 40 men gurd the cannon. they retreat at the sight of 40 black watch without time to distroy their guns. the guns fall to the black watch and the black watch ture it for their own use. after a new attack by 4 old guard the black watch spike (distroy) the guns and run for it.

just imo

12th Apr 2005, 20:49
i agree with you m8

13th Apr 2005, 06:40
I'm there if you make a team Berdan :)

I can do graphic work (it's my official job actually, worked on several RTS), and give my ideas for gameplay. I am most impressed by your mods already and play with all of them :)

When cavalry attacks artillery it seems to me they are also tearing apart the guns, not just the artillers.
Capturing cannons is a good idea and historically valid (Napoleon loved to use Austrian guns) but only trained troops can use guns, not your basic infantry. It took 2 years to form an artillery officer. The only way to use captured guns during a battle would be to use some of your artillery troops (they would abandon their own guns). At least that would be historical :D