View Full Version : wouldnt it be tight

12th Apr 2005, 07:48
if we had just one big city to run around in kinda like the matrix online. s*** that would be crazy. is that what their gonna be doing or is it gonna be more like socom with different maps anyone know about this?????

doesnt matter wtf they do because this game looks tight as hell the wa it is its gonna be ONLINE GANGS OF NEW YORK S*** :D :eek: :D

12th Apr 2005, 16:09
Its like socom. Go to the games web site. www.25tolife.com and then game info and locations to see some of the maps homie :cool: . Seeya in the streets July 12. (unless delayed)

16th Apr 2005, 05:20
I was praying for May 3rd myself, July 12 is too freaking long, well, I hope SOCOM II will keep me busy until then.

16th Apr 2005, 05:56
We can all only hope... :cool: I hope that 25tl has a good clan system...