View Full Version : How do I beat Cyrenecia?

11th Apr 2005, 14:20
Yeah... can I get my cannons/howitzers to track a target and not always shoot at a point?

Can I group units?

And uh, yeah, how do i beat the 2nd mission?

I can't order my units to hold still; if I order them to halt, they won't shoot... causes me some grief.


Emperor Asrailius
11th Apr 2005, 22:28
hey try looking at my thread. it has two different strats available for critizing


try them, they should work :D

11th Apr 2005, 23:47
Have you turned your troops on to fire at will mode (poor old will). Don't bother camping your troops in the buildings or around the tents. Move your troops forward half way to the slope. Take the initiative. Line your soldiers up in line formation up until they are charged by cavalry. If they do charge you they should easily be decimated. If not square formation. Meanwhile send your cavalry to outflank their guns and take them out quickly before they do too much damage to your men. Then just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

12th Apr 2005, 01:28
Asrailius... thanks for the thread, but its a little vague, will attempt..

Quantic... when the cavalry charge is when they shuffle... will make sure they are firing at that poor bastard will though... thanks guys

Emperor Asrailius
12th Apr 2005, 22:28
Just cover the mouth of the valley with a line of troops, firing at will. have the artillery in the back on the hill and decimate the oncoming Austrians. the cav should be in the back guarding the artillery. when main force leaves their artillery alone, send the horsemen around the infantry rush, and take out the artillery, then its a simple matter of cleaning up the peices.

I thought of this strat in the shower, with the main idea being derived from the Battle of Thermopylea :D . You know the battle of the Spartans going into the valley to take away the number advantage of the Persians. NOTE: always go for the highest point on the map, and hold it :p

13th Apr 2005, 02:11
thanks again... I did it by bottlin myself up... so far its the only way I've found I'm able to defend my flanks and artillery... since units won't hold ground, any charge the enemy makes puts my field pieces at risk!