View Full Version : Another unhappy customer

11th Apr 2005, 06:59
i really liked the online play for snowblind except one major problem NO HOSTING OPTIONS! because of that it makes the whole clan thing useless. i just wanted you guys at eidos to know how bad you screwed up. i, along with many others have sold the game just two weeks after i bought it and picked up timesplitters: future perfect in its place. most of us want a game where we have the option to be part of a clan and have clan battles and tournaments. if a clan patch ever comes out i'd gladly pick up a copy of snowblind again. i'm just mad that i wasted $50 for an online game that has no clan features and is full of bugs (chat going out in the middle of games, game freezing after exiting a server and having to reset the console.) please consider coming out with a clan patch soon or no one will be left playing the game since hardly anyone plays it online already compared to other online games.