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10th Apr 2005, 22:46
I purchased this game at Toys-R-Us today. When I got it home the game would not play and said there was a DISC READ error. I took the game back to the store assuming it was broken. When I entered the store the clerk said "Oh you must be getting the disc read error, you are the third one today" He then proceeded to give me Sony's tech number, and tell me there was a part I could purchase for $50 that would solve the problem. ??? He said OLDER playstations would not play the blue back disc with the "Compact Disc" not "DVD" message on the back of the box. Strange because I have a 2002 EA sports game like this that works fine. Every other game I have works, there have been no problems with the system. The fact the clerk recognized me, and my problem, when I entered the store tells me other people are having the same issue. I went to Game Stop and asked, they knew nothing about this problem. I purchased a new copy of the game only to find the same read error. When I called the Sony help line, their only suggestion was I send the system in, it must be broken. Anyone else see this, or have a work around to this problem?? All I can say at this point is I'm done with Sony, time to buy an X-Box, lol... :mad: :mad: :mad:

10th Apr 2005, 23:42
Ok I"ve been doing some research online and found a solution. As dumb as it sounds put your PS2 in the upright position. I did this now the game works fine. :eek: Go figure...

10th Apr 2005, 23:46
I've heard of a problem where older PS2's would overheat during GTA.

Other than that, as PS2's get older, the laser starts to go bad and it stops reading certain discs. (Could be called a "blue disc" error because that's usually the one that goes first.)

The blue disc error is probably the one that they think you're having.

Try calling the 800 number. When I had problems with Ico, they offered to let me send my system in so they could update it's circuts for cheap. (I didn't do it, the problem only happened on a certain tv.)

11th Apr 2005, 02:11
I am having the same issue with this game, so I tried holding my PS2 vertical and the game was able to boot. Fabulous, now I have to fish the wire around so I can play this thing vertical now! :mad: Oops - now its NOT working in the vertical position!

15th Apr 2005, 05:40
I read a thread about this and it DOES work. I used my stand of course but the game does now work in the vertical position. It's the ONLY game I"ve had to do this with, and to many other people are having the same problem for me to believe it's my system. Good luck...

19th Apr 2005, 21:44
That's a very strange solution o_O

Seems like many people are having lots of different problems with this game, on different formats!