View Full Version : Is The Major Graphics Problem Just the US Version or The European one as well???

10th Apr 2005, 12:03
Well as I could not wait for the European Version to be released I bought a US copy off ebay, when it arrived I tried to play it on its Highet Settings and it was not having any of it.......The Start Screen was really slow and I did not even bother trying to Play it....It works if I take the Full Depth Selection off, but to be honest I do not have an Overclocked Nvidia 6800GT to play games at Meduim Resolution.....Why Eidos released this game with Such a MAJOR bug is just stupid......and they should of at least brought out a patch by now.

Does the European Version have the same problem???

Just one more Question...........If I revert back to old Nvidia Drivers with the full settings work???

10th Apr 2005, 20:45
This game runs very very well on a 9800pro at 1600x1200 at 16 antistrophic and max everything else.

You dont not need close to a 6800 to run everything at max.

10th Apr 2005, 20:52
well I know its the Nvidia drivers.....I am just curious to know when the new ones are coming out ot fix the problem or when Eidos release a patch

11th Apr 2005, 04:19
zero response from eidos regarding this matter. not even a hint of a patch to resolve this problem.

11th Apr 2005, 07:01
EIDOS is probably busy laying off the staff who made this game. They gave the pink slips to the Austin Office branch several weeks ago ;)

11th Apr 2005, 17:08
can you guys give us some kind of time frame on a patch? how many complaints do you need? as someone who plunked down 40 bucks for this game, don't I at least deserve that? :confused: