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9th Apr 2005, 19:00
this is the IG union at GAMESPOT! join today to become part of the Napoleonic Union: Waging War!

located HERE:


9th Apr 2005, 21:14
well i cant compete with money but just so everyone knows they copied my idea and i had a forum up a while before this

11th Apr 2005, 10:38
what are you talking about? this has been going on for a month to get all the people you need? lol nice try but saying we stole your idea is pretty stupid. wheres YOUR union? i didn't think so.

11th Apr 2005, 15:30
ask les to he'll tell you i made one a while ago and i think you can trust him

11th Apr 2005, 16:58
wait i decided iw ont because the person whos heading yours is a double claner and i bet there is no democracy i entend to give the choice of everything to the community that joins it (if they join it)
they have freedom to speach and dont have to give me there adress etc al they gota do is fill in their email http://knobo.proboards18.com/index.cgi
is myn i intend to make it more clan based but i invite anyone

11th Apr 2005, 17:04
dude you need to CHILL! lol it's a GAME! it's for FUN! lol chill man and take some meds. see a doc. you need to cool down and enjoy the GAME! ;)

11th Apr 2005, 17:09
wait you posting now and not on msn omg

11th Apr 2005, 19:40
first i don't have msn so what the freak are you talking about?! second why use gods name in vain?

11th Apr 2005, 20:44
quote by Jrdrumso5 due to his inability to cope with such abusive spaming

I did not copy your union. Becuase first of all, this is the SECOND attempt at such a prospect. The first union we tried to start almost a month ago but failed to work due to some peoples (1) absence. (I stated this my self to you mod but you refuse to listen maybe Jrdrumso5 will have more effect as he is the union leader) And secondly, I just saw your attempt at a "union", more like a forum that really wasn't good, just recently. This was a week after our union was up.

end quote:

in conclusion you need to chill and notice that not everyone is out to get you.


11th Apr 2005, 20:57
whos mod?
i thought we were talking and you go on talking to a some other fella


about gods name in vain

shut up you five year old **** is momy gonna ban you cause someone said "oh my god" in a forum you visit

im irish and we got very little regard for the type of language we use infact it takes away your rites to speach
i bet "hell" is a swear in a america wich i pressume you are from there english arent that bad they a little like us

t w a t is banned? lol i was being kind lol i had much more in that in mind when saying it

12th Apr 2005, 00:35
excuse me i mean mob. mod is just short hand for mob... :cool:

12th Apr 2005, 01:02
Put in request, still waiting..... ;) :)