View Full Version : -K4P- Taking Over [tryouts]

8th Apr 2005, 10:48
WHATS GOING ON -K4P- IS HAVING TRYOUTS please expert players and if your decent ill work with you maybe to help you out. SO just look me up or post here if need to ask any questions. -K4P-DEVILSTRANCE187 [LEADER]

Also i would like to make this a place for clan members to post there toughts here even if it says tryouts. Come get to known me well play sometime just have to ask. peace im outta here

12th Apr 2005, 08:01
email me at devilstrance014@hotmail.com or look me up in game for chat but must have mic -K4P-DEVILSTRANCE187

13th Apr 2005, 00:18

13th Apr 2005, 10:32
Yes Whats This ^ All A Bout Did You Have Something To Ask Me ?

14th Apr 2005, 01:38
you make no sense