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8th Apr 2005, 02:26
Please tell me you will make the campaign mode multi playable also?

Psycho Pigeon
8th Apr 2005, 03:06
Well as far as i know its just a 2v2 battle...but i'm not 100% sure.

8th Apr 2005, 17:02
only 2v2 is fairly crap

austria need to be able to pick more than the british natuaraly
rtw missed that
barbs being out numbered by rome was a joke

in 2v2s we should be allowed at least 3v3

americans should be added for online for more dimension and dept

this 5 countrys gives this game a bit of an ea air to it

good grafics ,nice cover,lovely options at first look,and 10 levels that take 20 mins (lets not hope for this im trying to find something to make up for the patch that ruined rtw the worst ever made)
so i presume as an example we will be aloud to do this

french french
british V french/british

i hope we can pick anyone i would love to see america in this as well has the papecy i dont know much about this time

in campaign i will really be pissed of if ireland dont rebel every year im irish and for the low down we never took **** from the english

8th Apr 2005, 18:04
americans should be added for online for more dimension and dept

this 5 countrys gives this game a bit of an ea air to it

If anything, Spain should be made playable, they pratically owned all of south american and western north america during this time.

The timeline (1790-1820?) for IG doesn't suit america. In game terms the independance war is over and the only thing they did during this time which affected europe was the war of 1812 (Which would be great if a expansion was ever planned ;) )

Spain would play a bigger role in SP if you ask me if made playable.

8th Apr 2005, 19:36
it's going to be like rtw where you can only have ONE person for EACH nation. other wise devs would say it's to hard for people to knows whos units are whos. i can see why they would do this. and thats why no 3v3 but 2v2 (3v3 means 6 nations while the game only has 5 and no duble ups means it has to be 2v2)

8th Apr 2005, 20:47

how good are your mod skills?

we need all the mods to get together and work together on some ultamit mod that will make this game great and have some chosen clan leaders go too plus 3 or 4 solos and a few HC we need alot of modders single jobs wont do for this this game will need a lot of reform

8th Apr 2005, 21:19
lol i almost never do single mods. for some reason it isn't as fun. ;) a team is always really fun to work with. at my site you can check out PA and see the help we each give eachother, it's almost like family :rolleyes: not really just the second one posts a modding question 5 people answer it :D . anyways i look foward to this game. IF it has the nessicary hard coded needs stated before. other wise i'm not going to waste my time on somthing that the devs won't even make good!

8th Apr 2005, 21:43
im talking about an army of mods

8th Apr 2005, 21:47
lol i could see that. lol they form together and storm pyro studios LOL! :D

8th Apr 2005, 22:54
that or fix there game

ouch this sounds mean

9th Apr 2005, 00:20
America did not fight in the Napoleonic Wars it was neutral. It did fight in the Quasi War with France in 1803-ish, and the War of 1812 with Britain. But even then, take a look at the numbers. While Napoleon was invading Russia with 425,000 troops, America was fighting with 5,000 troops in the Battle of New Orleans.

Psycho Pigeon
9th Apr 2005, 00:48
Lol, ah yes what an age to be alive in.

9th Apr 2005, 00:48
when they invaded canada in 1812 they took 40 000 men on a CANADIAN 5000 so america had a sizable continental army much like the early battles for napoleon consisitng of 35000+ and im canadian i think i know my history

9th Apr 2005, 00:51
is there a single player campaign because shogun total war had all these great generals and you could play their battles so im wondering if they will be apart of this game

9th Apr 2005, 20:47
ya but who cares about single player

9th Apr 2005, 21:52
well is there and is there custom battle

10th Apr 2005, 08:56
i doubt there isnt

10th Apr 2005, 21:51
That Sucks Like I Was Interested In That And Multi And It Look Ig Has Disappointed Me

11th Apr 2005, 12:13

we have makeing World War III for imperial glory. We are Imperial Team and we have experience with Praetorians. If you want to colaborate, you will send me a email to awakening@mod-project.com . We are searching designers, that they know 3dmax, photoshop...

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