View Full Version : How do u ZOOM IN with normal mouse

8th Apr 2005, 00:09
and no wheel. I had to use an old Logiteck 3 BUTTON mouse as my MS usb trackball caused lockups and I used the wheel to zooM so what is the keyboard command to zoom in I got the mouse to move around the field by using the edges of screen but cant figure how to zoom

Psycho Pigeon
8th Apr 2005, 03:04
Ummm, try page up or page down or use the num pad keys and also try the + and - keys :).

14th Apr 2005, 13:27

I am bumping this message because I also do not have a mouse wheel and tried but could not find out how to zoom in/out using the keyboard.

I tried everything. Any additional thoughts ???

Thanks - jg1234