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Emperor Asrailius
7th Apr 2005, 23:15
I started this thread to discuss the main component of IMperial Glory that seemed to be missing from the forums so here it is...

I dont know why people have trouble with the second battle in the demo. My strategy is to move my artillery up the hill on the left side, have my cavalry in the mountain pass, and my infantry spread out cross the entrance to the pass. Sorry no screenies :o

The Austrians will move their cav up in one wave to try and take out your arty, but my infantry wont stay still. After you slaughter those guys, they send their infantry up. Yaddy yaddy yadda, i end up with the enemy dead and im short about 138 men. Is there a better strategy out there?

Emperor Asrailius
8th Apr 2005, 23:24
i discovered that using the tactics button is very useful. yesterday, i killed all of the austrians with only 21 casualties :D

just form your men infantry, artillery, then cavalry, and place them southwest of the house. the enemy will move 1 regiment of cav and their artillery in the forest. their artillery will split from their infantry, so use the cav to take it out. they shoudlsend their horses after you. go back to formation and watch the bullets fly.

10th Apr 2005, 22:01
well i use the two houses to form a square fort of infantry in square formation two between the houses and three on the outside i place the artillery uptop on the ridge and i have my cavalry in the canyon and the houshold cavalry guarding the artillery in line formation i wait till the cavalry is set up in the open plain the "graveyard" i like to say and i give them a beating with my howitzers and i aim my horse artillery a bit shorter so when they charge my squares there front lines are beaten usually because they are column formation then one cavalry is gone i turn infantry to advance and enclose the austrians in line like this \ / i then slaughter the infantry and use the untouchedbritish cav to break the artillery battery and the battle is won with less then 60 causialties
\ /
\ ----------/
hey anyway is age of empires 3 going to be good i wanna get it and if IG had morale there would be so much retreating from the heavy cannons and volleys

Emperor Asrailius
11th Apr 2005, 22:26
thx for the strat

i dont know when AoE3 comes out, but there should be morale in IG. they said that in the interviews, and there is a stamina function istalled in the demo

11th Apr 2005, 22:44
yep the blue bar on yurr units pic