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7th Apr 2005, 07:09
What I Like:

The immersive battle/ the opportunity for stategic and tactical play/the huge potiential of the game/ the effort you put into the game thus far!

What I'd Like to have:

A functional Manual fire command
A hold formation button
A fall back option for inf
A retreat by recoil for guns
A retreating fire command (Cowpens Style)
A cascading moral effect
A skirmish or keep distance command
A blinding amount of smoke during battle
A set of unit formation commands to include Wheeling, counter column etc
An ammunition limit for all units during battle (Esp Cannon)
A variety of shot (Solid/Grape/Explosive)
A delay for order to be followed (Runner simulation)
A Leader(General) unit where runners can be sent running from *Would be kind of cool to issue order and see some dispatch rider hurring across a field of lead!
A key that allows the player to see where all the units are to end up (Similar (not the same) to the Total War Space Bar command)

What Seems funny bout the demo:

The range on the artillery seems rather short for cannon--are you sure that it is accurately represented?

The artillery men just stay at their guns while being attacked... wouldn't a sane person run away when charged by a company?

Why do units not retreat after sustaining 25% casualties in one volley? I could understand very experienced troops taking such a hit and remaining for another volley but not inexperienced ones.

Would it be possible to model the powder stores near the cannon for some great eye candy and destructive effects by a direct hit from enemy cannon?

Oh... and does the demo accuratley portray what the final version battles will be like?

*I know you are busy just trying to read all of the messages, but if you answer these questions everyone would be very greatful--especially me! :D

7th Apr 2005, 08:02
all ur ideas are cool but not in imperial glory.. lol.. nmow that i see all the possiblities, i beggining not to like the game so much anymore..

FInal version probably doesnt have all that.. Oh yah that runner idea is kinda useless, what exactlly would it be used for when u control all the units

7th Apr 2005, 21:37
Some great points.

I am especially disappointed in the lack of skirmish command.

But hey this isn't the CA labs so I don't think we should expect much more than what we saw in the demo.

7th Apr 2005, 22:05
pretty cool ideas, the messanger would be useless, but it would be a cool to watch. I do wish there was a fallback while firing button, that would be cool.

7th Apr 2005, 23:07
they better implament this or else i'm not buying this game

8th Apr 2005, 06:31
There is an auto attack option in the game. How about a auto defend option?
Like infantry auto square to receive cavalry. :)

And also artillery automatically seek protection into a nearby square.

/Lars L.

8th Apr 2005, 19:32
lol i wish it was available NOT to have auto attack and auto defend, but be a DIFFERENT button for these modes.