View Full Version : [NYPD] or [NYC] GaNgSta

6th Apr 2005, 12:45
whats up ppl... im starting sign ups for the [NYPD] for 25TL as of 4/6/05 if ur interested in signing up my email is RunnXtrm@yahoo.com

also my brother is startin the [NYC] GaNgStaZ as of today if ur interested in becoming a gangsta his email is kood_b@yahoo.com

*both of these clans are not carry overs from socom or any other game...*

Tryouts are based on performance and somewhat if ur an ***hole or not, both clans will not b pushovers to get into like sum socom clans :rolleyes: , if u finish the game 2-8 better luck next time, when you are trying out b sure to announce you are b 4 the game starts, *no beginners luck here*, rank does not matter to me or my brother, skillz are all that matters, and u either have em or you don't

*also if any other clans on the forums wants to get a war goin later on let me know, im sure that gamebattles will have a 25TL ladder set up, but just in case im lettin all the other kingpins know

and to all that join others, c ya in the streets :cool:

9th Apr 2005, 11:43
Which system? xbox or ps2?