View Full Version : Demo problem

5th Apr 2005, 22:42
I am in the middle of the medium Demo battle thing (the one in the desert), and in the middle of a big battle, a black screen appears for about 5 seconds, and then a pop-up says "ImperialGloryDemo must close. Sorry for the inconvenience"-type thing, and then crashes to desktop. Any help would be nice. Thanks,

5th Apr 2005, 23:14
i get this to. it's when the AI is out of options. i had this happen to me many times with superb tatics. (used more then once) the ai will not use it's regular plan, and because of your setup can not do anyother either. this has to do with the AI's abillity to learn i think. no help other then not to use that tatic.

Psycho Pigeon
6th Apr 2005, 00:37
lmao i'm sure, it sounds like an error more than anything, i get frequent crashes now, never used too...must be that mod.

6th Apr 2005, 01:13
damnit, i was kicking his ass so badly too, i was destroying his cavalry with the square tactic, and had taken some of his infantry out with my cavalry, then flanked around with cavalry and was about to kill his artillery then....