View Full Version : What do I have to update and how/where do I do it?

The Godfather
5th Apr 2005, 22:32
Hello there,

With "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" just around the corner, "Tomb Raider 7" almost finished and "Max Payne 3" in the making, I had a very important question regarding computer hardware (of is it software)?

I would like to know what one has to update in order to play the upcoming, powerful videogames at their best. I know I have an NVIDIA videocard and I know I where to get the latest updates for my videocard (www.nvidia.com), but this can't be it, right?

What else do I have to update and where do I find out its name in order to find the proper internet site to update from, please? I heard someone say that I have to update my soundcard (but where on the internet do I do this, please?) and even my motherboard?

Many thanks for your --hopefully helpful-- replies and I'll see you soon,

Bye for now