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5th Apr 2005, 14:33
It all begins here...




5th Apr 2005, 16:28
Some perdy wallpaper of above pic for you fine folk.


DOWNLOAD (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr7/wallpaper.html)


5th Apr 2005, 17:19
very nice, thanks!

I must say that I'm getting used to Lara's new face :)

5th Apr 2005, 17:25
It's great isn't it!? I love the new Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics are doing a sterling job!

Greetings from Southsea, UK.


5th Apr 2005, 20:00
The scenery behind Lara makes me want to go exploring. :)

Excellent pics MissLara2U, can't wait for Legends release!

5th Apr 2005, 20:29
Beautiful! Thanx!! ;) The background scenery actually reminds me of the archaelogical dig! Not sure whether thats a good thing or bad! :p

The Godfather
5th Apr 2005, 22:44
Even though she looks really nice, she's not as beautiful as .... say Lara Croft in TR:AOD. But then again: even she grows older although one couldn't tell. She does look different, doesn't she? Maybe it's not even Lara Croft, but it's one of her sisters.

Say that Lara Croft DID die at the end of TR4 and TR5 was a special 'thank you'-note to remember her and out of respect. And the Lara Croft-lookalike was Lara Croft's sister Laura Croft and because she looked too much like her older sister and it all began too be a bit too confusing, she decided to change looks for once and for all, so that people would know the difference between Lara Croft and this new adventurer Laura Croft.

Wouldn't this be a great twist ... or am I just full of ssssshhhhh....? ;)

Bye for now

5th Apr 2005, 23:10
very nice, thanks!

I must say that I'm getting used to Lara's new face :)

...and the one and only picture we have of her? :)