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5th Apr 2005, 06:25
For those of you who have played both, which do you think is better? In my opinion Timesplitters blows this game out of the water for a ton of reasons, especially online. What do you think?

5th Apr 2005, 15:35
For those of you who have played both, which do you think is better? In my opinion Timesplitters blows this game out of the water for a ton of reasons, especially online. What do you think?

Using examples, compare Timesplitters to Snowblind. It's one thing to say the game blows it out of the water, but it's an empty comparison if you can't back it up.

5th Apr 2005, 21:19
Ok, thought someone might say that.

I just wanted to see what everyone thought really, I don't really care what you think is better, just was wondering. But since you asked for an explanation, here's some stuff.

To start the graphics are way better and much smoother, the textures in snowblind aren't very good. In terms of the online options, the gameplay is a lot faster and smoother, i hardly ever get lag in timesplitters ( i know it only supports 8 players, but most the maps were designed perfectly for that) and when it does lag it doesn't get all choppy, it just slows down a little. I've never seen a guy jump across a map in two strides in timesplitters like you do in snowblind. You can kick people off your server as a host in timesplitters, you can change the every detail of each game (map, mode, weapons, settings) in between each match. The stats are way easier to navigate in-game, you can send private messages and game invites to players in the game, it keeps much more detailed stats, and you can view anyone's stats in detail. You're not stuck with those class loadouts, everyone has the same weapons in the map which means there's no cheap classes (although in TS3 there are some cheap characters like the monkey ones). There'e over 150 playable characters so you don't get bored looking at the same soldier looking guy all the time. There's a mapmaker and you can play the maps you make online. Each online game is fully customizable from the map all the way down to the weapons you want in the game (versus just loadouts). There's more weapons. You can play splitscreen online with up to 4 people on one playstation (though stats are only logged for one player, the rest are guests) There's more game modes like virus, shrink, thief etc. There's way a lot more people playing this game, last night i looked and there were almost 12,000 players (i know they're not all playing at the same time) so it's easier to find a good game.

As far as offline, it's got way more replay value, there's challenge mode, arcade league mode, story mode, and co-op story mode. You can also play splitscreen or single multiplayer with bots (so you can still play deathmatches and stuff without the internet) The fact that different medals are awarded for challenge mode and arcade league will keep you playing for a lot longer than just one story mode, there's also 3 difficulty levels for the story mode. There's unlockable characters and weapons which then can be used in online play. I just think it's a much more action-packed, fun game to play.

6th Apr 2005, 04:45

You gave me a LOT of good reasons to check out T:FP! I mean, especially since the online factor in games is such a big deal to me. The online interface of T:FP seems to be put together much better. Though it is only 4vs4...which is unfortunate.

Hey can developers change the amount of players servers can hold by making pathces? I know that in Tribes: Aerial Assault, they did it so a server was capable of holding 32 players. Though they also had dedicated servers in T:AA.


6th Apr 2005, 09:09
snowblind is deus ex without the good bits, Timesplitters: FP is class, i mean come on, the makers of GoldenEye

12th Apr 2005, 17:23
Is there a demo for this game available?