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4th Apr 2005, 19:28
Yes, you thought right! :p
We are the 1st Clan for Imperial Glory, even though it isnt out yet, hehe.
If you are looking forward to Imperial Glory and are going to get it.

Then join by going onto our website (just made)


4th Apr 2005, 20:24
lol what good trying to sign up did. FORUM DOWN! :p

p.s. you souldn't be all about britian. i mean i'm going prussia all the way. :D

4th Apr 2005, 22:12
works now :D

7th Apr 2005, 20:34
sites down again?

7th Apr 2005, 22:00
I try to get into the website, but it keeps asking me to download something... :confused:

7th Apr 2005, 23:10
lol thats the sites dreamwave file DO NOT DOWNLOAD! lol or if you want to change the site go ahead :cool: . lol the site is STILL down

7th Apr 2005, 23:22
lol thats the sites dreamwave file DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

lol i assure you that i had no intentions of downloading anything from that site :cool:

8th Apr 2005, 09:58
Try usingg IE instead of FireFox, but it will be a white background :(
I need to upload the pics

8th Apr 2005, 10:04
Ok, here is the website for the meantime www.coldstreamguards.cjb.net, sorry for the boringness but we will have to wait untill we can publish the other site.

P.S if you want music go onto it in IE (internet Explorer)

Les The Lionheart
17th Apr 2005, 17:05
Yea sorry about the music.

19th Apr 2005, 21:35
I am a completely unbiased source *shifty eyes* and i can honestly say this is the best IG clan ever.

18th May 2005, 17:51
We have 14 members and were still recruiting!

(type name here)
18th May 2005, 22:40
I heartily endorse this clan :)

19th May 2005, 02:54
well it's a British clan...and I'm an American.

(type name here)
19th May 2005, 12:11
And I'm a canadian, so what?

19th May 2005, 18:03
sharpe? we have a sharpe in our clan, that u? lol

19th May 2005, 19:10
wont be very interesting if there is only one clan, and sharpe you shpould make your own alliance, 95th rifles and change your name to Captain Richard Sharpe. oo and get someone to be Harper and Harris etc.

just noticed someone has made the 95 rifles. ooo i look stupid. Not mucch change there then :p

27th May 2005, 11:50
hey people cheak out our clan http://95kingtigers.myfreebb.com/

28th May 2005, 05:29
Great Britain. Was by all means VERY POWERFUL.