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3rd Apr 2005, 21:17
Naval neophyte's delight!

One year ago: Napoleon?...<yawn>
My birthday (almost a year ago): Saw Master and Commander.
Next day: Bought the first book.
Next month: Bought next two in Aubrey/Maturin series.
Last Christmas: Bought complete (21 novel) boxed set.
Last month: Bought a Napoleonic war period reference book for background information.
Last week: Started reading first Sharpe novel.
Couple of days ago: Discovered Imperial Glory.


Up until now, the only Napoleonic naval game I had was an old copy of "Privateer's Bounty". To just have the naval element of Imperial Glory is more than I had any hope of finding. But to have that, AND an expansive game that offers a highly enjoyable way to absorb the overall historical context is beyond ideal.

In a year, I've gone from zero interest in this historical period to burgeoning fascination. I only hope the full game is as playable as the demo. Trying to disgest a historical atlas over the last month has be a completely mentally taxing effort! I'm hoping the level of detail in this game fits me better than it: Capturing the essence of the epic drama of the times, without becoming bogged down in a myriade details that I can't understand or wouldn't appreciate.

I look forward to playing the full game, when it becomes avalible in my area.

Thanks guys!

3rd Apr 2005, 21:26
lol if you TRULY studie naval history or napoleonic era battles/life. then you should be able to stop this game a mile aways as TOTALY inaccurate. :confused: have you? from the post above i gess not. but to me i can. yes they hit bouncing cannons (wo-ho) but what about re-load time. battle length. battle SIZE? numerious other huge errors on pyro's part in this "historical rts" riight. anyways you got your opions and i'v got mine. this game is nothing compared to the complexity of the Nepoleonic era.

3rd Apr 2005, 21:36
Your totally right. I don't truly study history. :)

Leave that to historians, I say.

But I DO like art, theatre, literature and drama. Oh, and I LOVE a good strategy game that isn't too much strategy or too little game.

Ran into this with "Combat Mission" with WWII buffs and eventually showed myself the door.

So, I'm hoping this is a game based in a historical time period, not a history lesson masquerading as a game.

If not, I'll still keep an eye on the door... :)