View Full Version : This will be game of the year 2005 for sure!

Zeus Commander
3rd Apr 2005, 03:19
This Game Was Amazing It Was Incredible!!! Just Wanted To Say This Right Now Cause I Saw Someone Dissing On It In The Lobby.

This Has Nothing To Do With How I Feel About The Game But Can U Really Send Troops To The "new World" When Doing Quests And Such... I Saw The Picture Of The British Burning The White House On Ur Homepage

3rd Apr 2005, 13:12
America isn't on the campaign map.

And this game has flaws that need to be fixed you have to admit that, but otherwise it has the potential to become a great game!

3rd Apr 2005, 15:55
it,s good, but no THAT good..

And Why Are You Typing Like This? :P

3rd Apr 2005, 21:31
I'd agree, but what do I know? My favorite TV shows get cancelled midseason and my favorite movies never make the critics /or/ the box office revenue lists.

That said, I hope it gets good exposure. I only bumped into the demo by pure accident and I had thought I'd kept an eye out for a game just like this. Was it just me or have I been living under a rock and didn't know it? :)


3rd Apr 2005, 21:52
well if you were living under a rock i wouldn't have known but since you can here. yes, sadly enough you were under a rock all your childhood. NO SEE THE LIGHT! :D

3rd Apr 2005, 22:08
Does that mean the game has had good (ie-positive and varied) exposure?

3rd Apr 2005, 22:41
not really it's only if you play RTW or if you look at Cossacks 2 that you would really find this out. other then that you just need to be a freak and look at EVERY game news everywhere :rolleyes: which i hope you don't do.