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2nd Apr 2005, 21:17
well if any of you guys were around for dx you would remember the AK forum. this forum contained a huge number of clans, general chat, journals and anyhting you could think of. i am goign to attempt to do the same thing, as they did.

pros to this

all clans will be situated together and this will make it easier to navigate each other to one anothers forums

easier to arrange clan wars

way to get to know everyone in the community

if there is enough interest i will set it up, this will be more directed to pc clans, but if there is enough interest i will set it up for x box and pc, and i will get more mods cause there is only so much i can do

2nd Apr 2005, 22:20
I'd really love to see this, with the old AK forums, you knew that whoever you were trying to reach would be there sooner or later and since it was basically everyone in the game it helped knit a closer community feeling :D

2nd Apr 2005, 23:27
exactly, that is what i wont to get again, i dont care if there are millions of poeple playing hte game, i want a tihgt community like dx had been. is en a new form of dcsb? and is grey seraph still in the clan?

3rd Apr 2005, 01:41
well actually non the less im going to do this forum, who ever wants to be put on it tell me

the details i need is the clan name and what sub forums you want to have. it will take me about a week to get it all set up since i have not done this stuff in like 3 years cause i have not had my own clan since then. i will also need to know what platform you are playing from, so i can make a pc, xbox and a ps2 section. its going to be based off an invision board, from my friends server, he is a member of the T clan. if anyone has any skins, emoticons or any of those goodies they want to share for this wonderful cause please pm me and ill give you my email. lets get the community going


3rd Apr 2005, 20:36
Good luck. :)

3rd Apr 2005, 20:41
thanks its goign to take a while, but its something that is going to benefit everyone, [T] is going to be playing a huge role in this as well, i hope that it will not be a waste of time

3rd Apr 2005, 22:16
Well, let us all in on the specifics when ever you can. :)