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2nd Apr 2005, 00:21
Hey, is anyone else having problems connecting? Tonight is the first time I've been able to play in like a week, and for some reason I can't connect. I can connect to the network, but then it does the DNAS thing and I get "Network Error (-613)" and says to check my network configuration. But, there shoudln't be anything wrong with my network configuration since I'm connecting the same way I always have. I even tried creating a new Network configuration and at first it wouldn't let me because I couldn't connect to DNAS. Eventually, one time it did and allowed me to create the new configuration, but I still haven't been able to connect and play. Is anyone else having this problem?

Oh, and it's not just a Snowblind thing. It did the same thing when I tried to play Killzone onine too. Anyone have an idea what's going on?

4th Apr 2005, 02:20

I had my roomate try getting onto PS2 online and he also coudln't get past the DNAS authentication. Is anyone else having problems with this? Does anyone know anything about there maybe being a problem with the DNAS authentication lately?

4th Apr 2005, 08:41
Sounds like a problem with the way you are setting up your connection type within your Network Adaptor start up disc. What connection do you have and how are you setting up your connection type?

5th Apr 2005, 03:44
I don't think it has anything to do with the Network Configuration through the start up disc. I originally tried to log on using the same Network Configuration I had been using, which worked fine about two weeks ago. I even tried setting up a new configuration the same way I originally did it when I first got the adaptor.

But, to answer your question, I'm on a LAN connection here at school. So when I go to do the network config, I choos lan, and then do the automatic configuration. The past couple times I did it, it took like 2-3 triest for it to create the configuration, but it eventually did work. And, when I go to the advanced menu and try the "Connection Test" with my current configuration, it fails the first time, and connects when I retry. But when I put in a game, it never gets past the DNAS authentication.

I am honestly at a loss, because I have all my connections and configurations set up exactly the same way I did two weeks ago, except now, it doesn't work. I am so confused :confused:

5th Apr 2005, 15:51
Based on your previous comment about not being able to connect using Killzone, Snowblind, or even using the Sony Start up Disc disc leads me to believe that your connection type is not being properly set up in the Network Adaptor Start up Disc or your connection has changed slightly in the last two weeks. My advice would be to talk with your school's IT dept and see if they can troubleshoot the problem. Also, the following links may be helpful in figuring out this problem:



24th Apr 2005, 04:37
I am having the weirdest problems with PS2 online right now. Like I said, I can't connect to the DNS server on Snowblind. But, today I borrowed my roomates PS2. He has 2 network configs, one from last year, and one from the year before that, for here at school. I can get online to play madden with the first connection, but not the second. I can play Killzone online with second connection, but not the first. And I can't get onto snowblind with either of them. Seriously, I am at a totally loss as to what the hell is up. I emailed the people here at school that run the servers and what not for our internet connection. All I got back was that they don't support PS2 connectivity. But, obviously they do, since I was playing all last quarter, and I can get onto Madden and Killzone. It makes no damn sense. I am so confused.

I was just playing killzone, and man, just reminded me how much better Snowblind is online. Damn I miss playing PSB.