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John D.
1st Apr 2005, 21:03
In my FM I have passed the 2000 object limit in the 2nd mission, I'm currently using Frobbers dark.cfg file with these settings:

object counts
obj_min -10192
obj_max 3000
max_refs 14000

Seems to work great so far. Now I've gotten around to 2970 objects and I have the basic outline of my mission together, however I was wanting to add some more stuff-ai, bodies, machines etc and I have considered raising the object max to 3500 which would leave me plenty of space to do it. Is this a wise choice or am I risking a messy screwup and more setbacks? If I am, I can rearrange things the way they are to make everything work just fine. Just thought I would get some opinions before spending a lot of extra time on something I might have to abandon and go back multiple saves on.

P.S. Does anybody have a nice sizzling sound? Like bacon cooking?

2nd Apr 2005, 21:02
Copied from this thread (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=74397) at TTLG:

Make sure that the MIN objs is TWICE of what your max objs is (with a negative, of course), and that total objs equal the two of them combined.

Then, when you open your mission, FIRST thing you do: "Show solid world plus selection". You'll get an error, hit CANCEL.

Everything will be fine. Just make sure to include the updated version of dark.cfg

Any # will technically work and produce the same error.

Copied from R Soul's brain:
Before you start messing with object limits, see how low you can get the object count by transferring the functions of TrapTrigs (RelayTraps, QVarTriggers etc) onto objects that don't already have their own scripts or script-relevant-links (e.g. furniture, OmniLightPoints, TrolPts etc).

John D.
3rd Apr 2005, 12:25
Great! it's all working good so far. :)