View Full Version : The ideas just keep on a flow'n!

Marshal Ney's Nephew
1st Apr 2005, 20:49
:) For all you people who like to customize your stuff out there, wouldn't it cool to be able to name your battalions of troops? I mean, if you hated some unit(just an example)you could name it lets say The virgin Johnnys or the The crying Babys? theres endless possibilities (for all u noobs, of course.)
But for the history buffs, they could name any troops they want that actually excisted. For example: The Prince of Whale's Own Voluteers, The South Essex, The 85th Battalion, ect....anything. But if you didn't feel like naming, you could just leave it. (as it is now)

Psycho Pigeon
1st Apr 2005, 22:18
Yeah that would be cool and easy to keep track of battalions aswell, empire earth II has..well a kind of feature like that where you can name your towns to keep track of which town is getting attacked etc etc.

Marshal Ney's Nephew
1st Apr 2005, 22:29
I wonder if the devs will take it into consideration, it would help alot with the game play organization of all your units. iv'e already played the demo, so, yeah it would be great. Because sometimes i click on the interface on a unit and i dont know which one it is. :confused:

1st Apr 2005, 22:42
It would be a nice feature, but at the moment the devs need to focus on adding a "Guard this area" and/or "Hold position" button. IMHO.

Psycho Pigeon
1st Apr 2005, 23:47
Agreed, need that hold position button.