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1st Apr 2005, 20:21



Don't give this man the rights to Hitman, please!!!!

Look at the three links above! Someone pay money just to have a page where it simply says Stop Making Movies!

His movies have a record 1 percent of positive reviews on the net...and even there, there are none linked over there on RottenTomatoes...

On the IMDB, his forum and the forums of his movies are just people laughing at him and his films!

House Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark are both on the top 100 worsts films of all time on IMDB...

His films have nothing to do with the games they are based on...

On this legit interview on IGNfilmforce, Boll admits that the producer of Alone In The Dark didn't want him to meet the press or to go at the screenings!!!

IGNFF: What reactions are you hearing to the film and what are your thoughts on this weekend's release? Are you nervous, excited? Are you going to check out crowd reactions?

BOLL: Yes, I'm going tomorrow to the theater. (Laughs) Don't tell it to the people, they will chase me and track me down and kill me. (Laughs) If they know that I'm in LA going to different screenings, they will try to get a hold of me. (Laughs)

See!!! Look: http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/583/583575p2.html

He even stated that he refused to use Atari's creature designs and ripped of Aliens...Yeah he admitted ripoffing Aliens...He use the word ripoff!

And since when were there aliens in Alone In The Dark...

Did I mention that his films are all failures at the box office and are total bombs? Did I mention that he has no idea how to direct a film....Please read some stuff about him on the internet! Try to find something positive on him!!! try!!!

Please let someone competent make a Hitman film!

4th Apr 2005, 10:55
I second that. Uwe Boll has single handedly disgraced the reputation of two great game series and he's got Bloodrayne going down the drain right now. I have to confess that I'm not much of a Hitman player, but I would hate to see it get killed aswell. If it's too late to revoake the Hitman rights, then just don't sell him anything else. Do you really want your franchises and your brandname to beconnected to something awful.

5th Apr 2005, 02:17
I sign this petition.

10th Apr 2005, 09:15
OH MY GOD DONT!! Hitman is the best game of all time. DO NOT, I Repeat, DO NOT give the rights to Boll unless you want to lose all fame and maybe fortune. He will discrase your games so much that noone will want to buy them and be pissed at you for selling him the rights. get someone like Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen (Transporter), or Tony Scott (Man on Fire).

9th May 2005, 15:28
:mad: OMG if this guy gets this movie I will seriously hurl.

24th May 2005, 01:28
I sign this, too. Don't give it to him. How about you guys give it to a gamer/director. There's a bunch of good directors out there that play games and I am positive, POSITIVE that you guys can find a great director that enjoys the Hitman franchise as a fan. Don't let this guy do it, please!
We are only a few people on this forumn, but we're the people that play and care about your games. Please don't do this.