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Braided Thug
1st Apr 2005, 17:23
This is a poll that im taking for school the project that i have to do is media violence And i was wondering if every one felt like i did about it

1st Apr 2005, 18:14
remember to point out that most violent video games have a teenage target group and it is clearly marked on the package, and on the game itself where as cartoons from thevious generation such as bugs bunny, tom & jerry, daffy duck, and the roadrunner, were all rather violent themselves AND they were targeted specifically at CHILDREN between the ages of 5 and 12. then politely ask your teacher how he/she was influenced by those cartoons? did watching elmer fudd make him/her want to run around blowing away rabbits with a shotgun? using the "violence in the media" defense is nothing more than a feeble attempt at excusing bad parenting. if parents were doing thier jobs along with the clerks in game stores then litlle 12 or 13 year old johhny wouldn't have been able to play san andreas at all and if he played it at a friends house or something then his parents should have taught him way before then that there's a big difference between fantasy and reality. i really really hate this argument but unfortunately we live in a society where "it's somebody elses fault!"

Braided Thug
1st Apr 2005, 23:06
There are two things that my teacher had to talk to me about my essay and 1.Was that no matter what E.S.R.B. does a teenager is gonna get a game like me and the Clerk at the store ACTULLY HELPED ME She told me to get some stanger give her the money to buy it and then ild have the game. 2.I put in the game that Killing people in games is a great stress releasent But she said something about the columbine insident But That was also blamed on Marilyn mansion and some of the children at school were also giving them problems.But beer she did agree with me on one thing Its not Game that makes people violent its life A game is a game and a parent should tell them that is not real i mean in GTA there are no consicenses You come back to life in under 20 seconds.

2nd Apr 2005, 06:09
yes i'll grant you that most kids are resourceful enough to obtain any mature game by one means or another. but the clerk actually told you to do that??? seriously? that sorry asshat should be arrested! he's the type that ignores his job and makes gaming in general look bad. don't support his punk ways, report him.

Braided Thug
5th Apr 2005, 22:17
.She felt sorry for me cause she saw how much i wanted that game.And theres nothing that adults can do to stop children from getting there hands on some of the most gorey games.well 2 way is to stop making them or to raise the price to 500 dollars each i dout my mom would pay that much =D.But tell the truth Every one has thought about killing some one But If a person would actully do it wont depend on the games he plays (It was a woman btw)

The fact is im 14....And ive plaid Mostly every First person shooter that has came out.Ive also plaid Unreal tornament 2004 and the second one that came out.First person shooters have made me what i am today A gaming geek....When ever i get mad i play games if i can.Every one i know has plaid all of the gta's and all of them are humorist and hardly seem like they would actully kill a person BUT most of them do smoke weed/cigeretes/Blacks

Braided Thug
15th Apr 2005, 12:59
correct me if im wrong but No one is helping me other than beer and what i think is that some games has tried to lower the level of gore by making a thing on it allowing for body parts to be flying round or just by making a selector for it has any one plaid example:unreal

11th May 2005, 20:01
All that violant games do is desensitize you to recognize this kind of behavior. But it helps to be smart about it so you can tell whats real and whats not. Then you'll be in the real world ;)

I'm not going to say GOO VIOLANCE but I can say that some of it is cool. Sometimes they push it though.