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28th Mar 2005, 23:56
I came up whit a solution delete the ****ing game and thanks a lot Eidos whit your great help(NOT!)

From a dissapointed customer(FORMER)

29th Mar 2005, 00:27
I certainly can understand your frustration, mangee30, and I guess there are a lot of players feeling very frustrated.

Last week, in the Business section of the NY Times, there was a short article on the fact that a company named SCI somethingorother just bought Eidos, because Eidos was having financial troubles, brought on by rushing product to market, which resulted in product quality issues. I guess Project: Snowblind is a good example of that.

A system like yours should have no problem at all playing this game. I hope you can return it for a refund--most stores are internet capable and you can point them to this forum and the various threads and I am sure that they will take it back.

Don't delete the game--uninstall it.