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28th Mar 2005, 22:53
Hi Folks,
I am going to help users who are interested in setting up clan v clan fights. First, please see the set of procedures below for setting up an 'official' clan match. By official, I mean that I will post results here on the site, and should anyone in the community set up a championship, I would be happy to donate some Eidos goodies to support it. Second, clans interested in participating should list themselves in the stickied thread which I will be putting up presently for this purpose. Third, Playstation and PC users, fear not. I still don't know what development plans to do about the need for private rooms, but in the meantime, I have been in consultation with some of the gamers on this forum about ways to use the current feature set, and those are published here too.

So, without further adieu, here are the basic procedures on running any clan v clan battle that has official status:

1.) Challenges must be issued by clan leaders or officers designated by clan leaders to other clan leaders or officers designated by clan leaders. If the challenge is being issued as part of a championship, the Eidos Online Community Rep (community@eidos.com) must be CC'd on the message. Challenges must be formatted as such:
'1st choice of game time'
'2nd choice of game time'
Size of game (4 v 4, 6 v 6)

2.) When a challenge is accepted, both teams exchange their rosters for the game (rosters should always include up to two alternate players to sub for anyone who misses the match).
3.) Official clan matches are 4 on 4 or 6 on 6 by mutual agreement, with the Eidos Online Community Rep casting deciding vote if necessary.
4.) Game map, mode, and options are at the challenged clan's discretion.
5.) The challenged team gets to pick who hosts of the match. This choice should be based on the quality of that player's connection (naturally).
6.) The host for the match will add all players on the two rosters to his/her friend list (host's clan mates will already be there I should think) prior to the start time.
7.)Once the private game has been created, the host will immediately send invites to all the members of the two team's rosters to join the match.
8.) The first round of match will be a warm-up, the result of which will not count toward the results of the match.
9.) CTF and TDM and DEMOLITION are the recommended modes for official matches.
10.) Protests and complaints will be registered with the Online community rep via email after the match.
11.) Matches must be made up of odd numbered rounds, best of 1, 3, or 5. A match may not be of more than five rounds' duration. Winner of the most rounds is the winner of the match.
12.) If the match is being played as part of a championship, the losing team reports the results.
13.) Scoring limits are to be:
CTF - Rounds to be 20 minutes or 3 captures.
DEM - Rounds to be 20 minutes or 3 bombs detonated.
TDM - Rounds to be 20 minutes or 50 kills.
Any variation of these limits must be mutually agreed to by the opposing teams.

The variations on this to deal with the current feature set of P:SB Playstation 2 and PC are as follows:
1.) Challenges must always be made via email between the clan leaders/officers only, never posted on forum in advance.
2.) PS2 and PC Clan battles should be kept to 4 v 4, as it will be easier to fill the game slots with clan members and prevent any outside players from getting in.
3.) Variation to adding players to the friends list: This can best be accomplished by having the host create a room with the clan tags included in the game name (“SW versus DOA” for example.) The clan members participating in the match then all join that game on the same side so they can converse. Once all members are in the host’s friends list, he/she should exit and create the actual tournament room, with any game name they want (preferably a pretty anonymous one). The other participants can then find the host’s match quickly and fill in the slots. (This method was actually used in a SW - DOA clan war successfully, so try it out.)

I know that the method above is not a perfect, but it gets the job done, with what we have to work with at the present time, so give it a try. And, of course, if people have suggestions to improve these methods, please PM me or email me about, as I would love to hear them and make things as good as possible.