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28th Mar 2005, 15:08
What formations are ther on this game? Can you form a square or French column?

28th Mar 2005, 15:45
I hope the columns are possible for the french, it wouldnt particularily bother me if the brits can't use them.

But i do so hope that we can form into squares, and i bet we can

28th Mar 2005, 16:32
line or column... other wise postion multipul units to make a sqare

28th Mar 2005, 16:36
damn, won't infantry get slaughtered by cavalry though?

28th Mar 2005, 17:07
All sides will have the ability to form line, column, and square formations with infantry. Unfortunately (probably for balance purposes), I don't think the particularly effective French columns or English lines will be somehow especially effective for their respective sides.

28th Mar 2005, 17:23
If you can get squares on this game, it helps me in the choosing of cossacks2 or IG. I am still split about it. I am not so bothered about columns, but squares are important. :rolleyes:

28th Mar 2005, 17:35
An example of the interface: here (http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2004/screen_e3/920587_20040504_screen006.jpg) . As you can see in the lower-right hand corner, you can form into column (first button from left), line (second button), and square (third). Column is important because it allows you to move troops forward far more easily and quickly than line formation. In Napoleonic-era battles, positioning is key, perhaps everything, and achieving superior position is essential -- speed is absolutely necessary.

And then, of course, columns have greater survivability and can charge/break through lines.

3rd Apr 2005, 04:12
what about a cavalry wedge