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29th Aug 2013, 20:41
Has anyone had any responses from the http://support.eu.square-enix.com/index.php technical support in the last few days?

I appreciate SE support might be very busy at the moment, but at least they could give me idea when they'll have a chance to look into my problem.

5th Sep 2013, 18:50
I doubt there is. My account been locked out over a week now due to the security token going bonkers on me. I've been trying everyday through web chat and phone support service and getting no answer what so ever from support.

Web chat goes "We cant find an agent at this time" and gives me a link to send another E-Mail support about it.

Oh, and the phone line. As i am typing this out i am currently "in line for next agent" and im going on 2hours and 15mins.

This is retarded.

5th Sep 2013, 21:13
If I could spend six hours with phone handle duct-taped to my head, I'd opt for calling. Sadly, I'm in no mood to lose my hair nor suffer from neck injury from clenching the phone in between my ear and shoulder. E-mail support will get responded, eventually. Maybe after some new games come out and I no longer hold any interest in this game. Or maybe after I unexpectedly meet my demise. So, last option, chat support. One week, nada. At least 3 tries a day, nada. I'm starting to think the chat is a lie.

5th Sep 2013, 22:29
I'm starting to think the chat is a lie.
I am starting to think so to my friend

5th Sep 2013, 23:22
Same problem here, been waiting forever now, and no one is even saying there's something wrong with it. =| Maybe in a few weeks we'll be able to play it.

6th Sep 2013, 11:07
Well, to be honest, I do still have a few more games I bought along with FFXIV, but I decided to focus on XIV because it tickled my fancy. But spending about 6 hours every day just trying to get an agent only to be disappointed 3 times a day (and tomorrow's weekend, so again, we'll be boned), I'm really considering a charge back and buy some indie video games instead. The fact that I've spent 6 hours a day waiting for support for almost two weeks means that I actually want to play this game. Sadly, the more I wait, the less appealing the game becomes. Even my friend is slowly losing his interest because he stopped playing to wait for me, and it took me a lot of effort to get him interested in the game (he ended up ushering me to buy the game, after buying one himself out of excitement). Never withheld drugs from addicts for an extended period of time, we go through withdrawal, then we get over it.

Your move, SE.

6th Sep 2013, 22:57
I have file a complaint with the better business bureau. Lets see if this lights a spark under there asses

9th Sep 2013, 16:43
well i was finially able to get in contact with support on the phone just a little bit ago.

9th Sep 2013, 18:17
Lucky you. as for me, I need to find a brick and a car. Nothing screams "Help!" like a drive-by brick through the front desk.

9th Sep 2013, 22:43
haha i'm at 3 hours 20 minutes right now with ho pickup on the phone, I have been re-queuing for web chat since 9am this morning its now 5:43pm.

22nd Sep 2013, 01:18
This is a link to a website that is basically BBB for international companies. Since Square Enix is violating is own policies and ignoring players, the next step you can take is to file at complaint at the following address.
They are currently violating their own agreements with the players and compromising information of the players. When this happens use the link and file a report, since they are not responding to players, see how well they respond to international complaints which lowers their market value.

24th Sep 2013, 19:48
the better business bureau as well is another good government site to file a complain with. They locked me out while I was a paying subscriber.

28th Jan 2014, 17:31
So it would seem that Squares "Customer Service" is actually the 8th circle of hell...

30th Jan 2014, 03:12
I'm inclined to agree with you.

3 weeks + and no character transfer yet, no update to my forum post by SE, and no communication regarding what's going on with it despite the 6+ tickets I've opened other than "your issue has been escalated"

Gee thanks, that was supposed to have been done weeks ago, what's the status, pray tell?

14th Aug 2014, 16:08
I have no idea how to get help through SE's support department. I have been trying for three weeks to get a game to work on my XBox 360 with absolutely no luck. SE asked me to regenerate a ticket so that they could contact me and when I did, they never replied. I am frustrated beyond belief because the game I bought was the ONLY REASON I bought the gaming console that I did. Is there some magic formula to getting help or do I just need to give up and forget about playing any Square Enix games in the future?

14th Aug 2014, 21:43
I have been trying for three weeks to get help with my Final Fantasy XII game because it won't load on the XBox 360 I have. I have yet to receive a reply other than that I need to purchase a new game. Is this a common problem with this company?

14th Aug 2014, 23:39
I thought about that too. I submitted 2 support mails and didn't even get a "automated" response or something like that ...

15th Aug 2014, 06:41
You will almost never get a response (at least not in a timely fashion) via e-mails.
Try looking at the back of any SE game booklet and calling the support number - may not always help, but in my experience I've always had better odds going this route.
Good luck!

15th Aug 2014, 06:51
Chat support is another option.

15th Aug 2014, 14:16
Chat support is another option.

They told me to generate a new ticket for that and I"m still waiting for them to get back with me. I was very specific about not being available during the week since I work, but haven't heard from them since. Is there a specific way to get straight to chat support?

16th Aug 2014, 11:09
I see. There used to be a specific option for chat support, but it seems to have been canceled since. By the looks of it, email (unless you are able to find a support number like Saria3 suggests) is currently the only way to to get in touch with the customer support team.

17th Dec 2014, 05:14
I've messaged so many times asking why the URL for the manual for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 doesn't work and asked where I can find it and yet square fails to give me a simple answer. All I get is the canned "We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It will be forwarded to the appropriate party." Is it really so hard to say, "you can find it here at this url."???? This url provided in the leaflet does not work: sqex.to/kh25/manuals/PS3/US.pdf
Where can I find it? Is it really so difficult to answer?

17th Dec 2014, 20:56
I have yet to hear back from the people in charge of this matter. Unfortunately, that's all I can say for the time being.

19th Dec 2014, 11:38
Well, at least that's better than the canned replies I keep getting, so thank you for that. I hope it's resolved soon.

14th Jan 2015, 20:59
I've had my share as well. Square Enix has, by far, the worst customer 'support' I have ever encountered.

I have been playing FF14 on the PC since release. Quite a few friends joined me here as well, after I asked them to give the game a shot. Some needed customer support for various reasons, and none of their experiences were positive. Whenever someone needed support, there was some laughter and: "Good luck! You will need it!" I recently found out myself just how bad it is.

Around Xmas there was a 14 day trial on the PS4. I recently bought a PS4 and I wanted to be able to play FF14 on the PS4 as well. So I downloaded the trial client and wanted to add my SE account. But that was impossible. I wasn't allowed to take an existing account to a trial client. So I went and made a second account to try out the controls and how I would like it on the PS4, before buying the client.

That's when the problems started. I got a message that my new 'dummy' account was being linked to my PSN and that it couldn't be unlinked. "No problem.", I thought. Since I (wrongly, as it turned out later) assumed that I could always link a second account to the PSN. Anyway, I liked playing on the PS4 and I bought the client. How I regret this now!

It turned out I needed support to unlink. I started off with sending an email. It's been one week, I never got a reply. If you don't reply to emails, don't why do you even offer this option!?

I've spent around 7 hours over the course of a week so far, reading, typing, waiting in queues and jumping through hoops. Basically getting sent all over the place, making me wait in queues over and over again. I'm at my wit's end. I am really sick of filling out the same forms over and over again. I really don't know what to do anymore. I can't get my money back either for a useless PS4 client for which I payed 35 Euros.

15th Feb 2015, 00:21
I'm having issues paying my subscription on my FF xiv account and there is no one to talk to, and no one returning emails. I also regret buying any games that require square enix subscriptions. I will never buy another square enix game.

4th Aug 2015, 03:37
I have had the same issues i have sent up to 8 support emails and not one automated response all i want to do is reset my pass word but the answers to my security question will not be accepted even though they are complete right.

Im seeking a refund from the retailer i bought the game from as this is ridiculous

23rd Dec 2015, 20:52
I have repeatedly tried to get a refund for an order from the square Enix store, yet i haven't even received the slightest of a response! no email, no suggestion that i am getting a refund, NOTHING! Yes i used the right email, order number, and checked my junk folder. This is literally the worst thing customer support could do, to ignore it's customers! All i want is my refund nut apparently that is too much to ask for.

25th Jan 2016, 23:19
Odd, i needed to change my shipping adress via support since I already ordered something and the system apparently can't change the adress for items that are already purchased and I got support within 48 hours had a quick exchange and got my problem sorted out. Maybe it's a regional thing since I filed the ticket in german but I really had no problem. Best of luck to you all!