View Full Version : Linux/windoze dedicated server plans???for PC

27th Mar 2005, 10:03
lo all at Eidos thought this must be the best place to ask about any plans for a dedicated server binaries for linux or windows dedicated server files for project snowblind. I run a clan with our own dedicated linux box on 100mbit and was wondering if this is gonna happen, if the answer is no then I can shelve the game which would be a shame.

28th Mar 2005, 23:31
Please tell us that there will be a dedicated server option with the first patch. One of the largest problems with keeping people online is that many new players don't want to set up there own server from fear of not knowing much about them and if there aren't any servers up at that time then they'll simply leave and think the MP is empty

5th Apr 2005, 05:18
I agree with splitter. I play at erratic times (Usually once I get off duty until sleep blissfully claims me...) and I usually have to make my own games and wait for others to join. I'm running off a laptop, so you can imagine how ugly this can get. Oh, and if this is gonna be included with the first patch, please fix the @#$!$#n' PC crash problem. It makes me look like a coward :p

5th Apr 2005, 13:11
I was just about to post a new thread asking the same thing. I was sure tempted to shelf the game after beating it twice. I am so jealous of the xbox and ps2 owners right now able to play and already have tournaments. :mad: I love the weapons and all that good stuff, but with no dedicaed servers running 24/7 there will be no online aspect of the game. I guess only time will tell.