View Full Version : Which Would U Get Socom3 or 25 To Life?

26th Mar 2005, 05:48
Which Would U Get Socom3 or 25 To Life?

26th Mar 2005, 16:26
socom 3, no question. i will likely rent 25tl when it finally comes out but i'll just flat out buy socom 3.

Michael Bolton
29th Mar 2005, 20:11
Preferably socom 3

31st Mar 2005, 23:38
The only thing I have to say is Socom3 comes out the same time as 25life!
So Im getting the game I know Socom3!
25 life :confused: Look like renter stuff! To bad Eidos! :p

6th Apr 2005, 01:22
Im going to getBOTH of them.

Shugart BHD
6th Apr 2005, 05:36
Im going to getBOTH of them.

Yep, no doubt that I will too.

7th Apr 2005, 17:04
I will get both. I posted 25 to Life, because it is comming out first.

3rd May 2005, 19:30
ill just buy socom 2 and play it and then i will have money for 25tl

3rd May 2005, 20:37
i don't know about you guys but the online system for the ps2 is not top notch... nor do i have it so my buy is gonna have to be 25TL mostly cuz its out for PS2, Xbox, and PC. The Xbox version is the one i'm getting cuz 1. The Xbox controler is better for TPS games (in my opinion) 2. XBL is kick... well butt and i have it. 3. I have no experiance with any Socom game so why the heck would i buy it over 25TL when i've heard so much more about 25TL. Plus this is and Eidos forum about 25TL. Just cuz Socom 3 is similar to 25TL doesn't mean we should make a thread about it in a forum about a different game. (Also this is Eidos forum... not whatever company that made Socom's Forum) :p

10th May 2005, 20:48
BOTH! :eek: :eek: :eek: :D

11th May 2005, 01:35
Both :d :d

12th May 2005, 19:06
well socom3 is going to be socom2 with new guns new maps and sameold sameold... somone is going to find a glitch to get rank up and stuff like that.. somone is going to buy 16 ps2s and rankup (people already do that for socom2) I HOPE 25TL will be good and no glitches I hope they sent the game to the best glitch finders ever to get the bugs out.