View Full Version : future shop has false advertising of snowblind

26th Mar 2005, 00:06
they state that hte game only needs a 4x cd rom

i dont know if you people care or w/e but i was about to go buy the game, and i dont even have a dvd rom


26th Mar 2005, 00:26
Thank you for pointing this out.

Grey Mouser
26th Mar 2005, 00:37

Contact myself or mike_g with any such issues. You can trust me on this...if someone, somewhere, makes a mistake, packaging-wise, or worse flat out LIES to you....well, I'll be on thier ***.

No joke.

Vengence, please feel free to contact me concerning any similar troubles.

Grey Mouser

29th Mar 2005, 06:50
i feel so high and mighty right now :P, yeah that is all i have seen right now on the issue, other than that i hear great things about hte peopel that play the game

29th Mar 2005, 06:52
http://www.bestbuy.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&dept=0&sku_id=0926INGFS10058204&catid=&newdeptid=20002 well best buy is also retarded, why am i looking at this, lol i cant even play the game yet :P

30th Mar 2005, 06:36
i have done ample research on other websites, and every other place has it as a dvd, but since futureshop and best buy are now a joined company, i can see why both sites had the same info