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25th Mar 2005, 19:24
Hello folks,
We are expanding our open tourney nights to include team play. Note, these are not clan wars, but an expansion of our open tourney nights into team play modes. We will also be doing this for Xbox and PC, but there will be a slight delay before these get started. Please see the article from the Project: Snowblind News (below):

Project: Snowblind. PS2 Open Tournament Expansion
1100hrs 25 Mar 05

We are proud to announce that we are expanding our official Project: Snowblind Open Tournament Nights to include team modes, starting 30 Mar 05. For the next three weeks will be hosting Wednesday night teamplay tournaments open to all PS2 players! Your host will be 'eidos_mikeg_ocr' US online community representative for Eidos. Anyone interested in playing in the tournament, join Mike's game, 'eidos_tourney' when you see him go online Wednesday nights at 5:00PM PST (8:00 EST). Winners will find their names in lights, posted on the official Project: Snowblind website's HONOR GUARD. Please give the game format and rules (below) a quick look. So, start practicing, and we'll see you online!

Next Tournament:
30 Mar 05, 5:00 PM PDT. Mode: Capture The Flag, Arms Race Off, Map: Kowloon Garage, Tonnochi Tower, and Ashoka's Garden, Score Limit:6, Three Rounds.

For further information, please email community@eidos.com.

Tournament Format:

Game start time is 5:00 PM PDT (8:00PM EDT), Wednesday Nights.*
The tournaments are open to all users on a first come; first served basis.
The game mode and options, such as Arms Race, Friendly Fire, and Loadout will vary on a weekly basis.
The maximum number of players per team is five (not counting the host machines).
The first round of competition is a warm-up round and its score does not count toward the tournament's outcome.
The host for all tournaments is 'eidos_mikeg_ocr' and the name for the tournament room will always be 'eidos_tourney'. If you do not see 'eidos_mikeg_ocr' in the match, you are in the wrong room!
No team switching will be allowed after the warm-up round.
* Subject To Change

Official Rules

A player who ends a round with the most points is the winner of that round, regardless of whether his/her team won or not. Thus a three round tourney will have a maximum of three winners.
If a player is dropped from the game due to a network outage or other unforeseen occurrence, they may be replaced by another player. However, the dropped player's previous score (rounds won by that player) still stands. However, the score of a user within the round in which they were dropped is lost.
The tournament host will not participate in the combat, except during the warm-up round, but will remain in the game lobby throughout the tournament.
A player who wins a tournament round will have his/her name published on the official Project Snowblind Site Honor Guard. All participants in a tourney are eligible to receive a prize (exception: a player who wins twice in row; see below). This prize is an official Project: Snowblind sticker.
Teams must be balanced with five players on each side before the end of the warm-up round. No scores will count towards the tournament until the teams are set to a five-v-five balance.
Any player who switches teams after the warm-up round has been completed will be disqualified, both from winning the tournament and from receiving any prize from Eidos for the tournament.
Players must claim their prize via email to community@eidos.com with verification of their user name, the email address associated with that user profile, the player's full name and date of birth, and a shipping address, within three days of the tournament taking place or another user will be selected as the winner of that round.
No player may be given a prize twice in a row. If a player takes part in a tournament, that player is ineligible to win a prize in the next tournament, though they are allowed to take part in it.
By the act of claiming a prize, the player gives Eidos, Inc the right to contact that user, and to verify that user's game profile and account information. 10. Any violation of the terms of our online agreement by a player will disqualify them from eligibility to receive prizes. The copy of this agreement is located here: www.eidos.com/online/ (http://www.eidos.com/online/)
Players under the age of thirteen years or employees of Eidos, Inc, any of its subsidiaries, or members of their families, are ineligible for prizes.

Eidos, Inc.

26th Mar 2005, 06:00
the only time you can switch over after a warm-up is when it is uneven teams but tell everyone on the radio so not everyone goes over there.

1st Apr 2005, 23:28
Hi Folks,
We are changing certain rules as far as team mode open tournament nights are concerned:
1.) The size of the matches will be 3 players v 3 players, as this will make it easier to keep the rooms full and balanced. If people are getting left out because of this, we will increase the limit.
2.) Agent classes will not be part of the tournaments.
3.) Team matches will now consist of a single round, rather than multiple ones as in Deathmatch, run to the following score limits:
CTF - 10 captures or 30 minutes
TDM - 80 kills or 30 minutes
Demo - 10 bombs or 30 minutes
4.) There will still be a warm-up round, but once the game slots are all filled and the teams are balanced, the round will be brought to a conclusion by arrangement by the community representative, who will communicate instructions to the players.
5.) If teams become unbalanced because of accidental drop-outs and it is impossible to balance them by switching a player, the results are no longer discounted. The teams will play on. New players may join the game or a dropped player may return at their own discretion.
6.) Players on the winning side of a match will all be included in the honor guard, as will any player on the losing side who, in the community representative's opinion, distinguishes themselves by exemplary play. All participants will continue to receive a gift from Eidos just for taking part in the team match. Thanks!

2nd Apr 2005, 05:38
Why are Agents being discriminated against? I know the railgun seems unbalanced in the hands of certain people, but I dont think you should restrict it to handicap us. I could see limiting classes per team, but not simply getting rid of them. Anyways, I can't imagine why any team would be overwhelmed by a group of agents in an objective-based game. Seeing how kill/death ratio's dont win you the match. Any hoot, just my thoughts.

2nd Apr 2005, 14:43
and if your going to single out agents, then why not the snipers as well, they sit back and wait for someone to run in front of them then they pick them off just as agents do, but there invisible, so why are us agent players the only ones being singled out.

2nd Apr 2005, 22:17
I have to agree with the outrage here. Agents in the correct hands are amazing but the same could be said for many of the classes. As long as the correct strategy is used then nearly of them are effective.

3rd Apr 2005, 23:01
SplĂ*tter']I have to agree with the outrage here. Agents in the correct hands are amazing but the same could be said for many of the classes. As long as the correct strategy is used then nearly of them are effective.

yup! 'same could be said for many of the classes'
So if any of you guys are good then you won't mind not playing as agents for awhile. right, right?

3rd Apr 2005, 23:57
If only you were good, you wouldn't have to restrict character classes. ^^

4th Apr 2005, 00:15
right on Boink, i mean i can go out and kill most anybody playing as a scout, agents are nto that great always, sure theyre good but unless you know how to play them you might aswell be playing any other the other classes.