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20th Mar 2005, 22:25
hi all!
I am director of ImperiaL Team, creators of MoD ImperiaL of Praetorians and Ultimate MoD: The ImperiaL Age of LOTR.

We think to make a mod for IG about World War III. You will see more info (in spanish, sorry) in www.mod-project.com and www.foromod.clan-gd.com .
In forum you can speak in english, we havent problem with english.
If you want to colaborate with this mod, you will speak here. We are searching modelers 3d and design 2d (textures, icons...).

This mod will be a great mod ^^

21st Mar 2005, 01:16
How do you know if you can mod it for a ww III if the game hasn't come out? like the idea though.

21st Mar 2005, 12:56
If we have created modifications about Praetorians, about Imperial Glory will be possible too. ;)

21st Mar 2005, 16:18
I think I'll stick to writing modding guides, like I did with Praetorians. :)

26th Mar 2005, 12:22
Nice idea, I can make maps for Call of duty, but I suck at modding for Praetorians and RTW. hehe

18th Apr 2005, 12:00
hi again!!

We are searching designers for this project. if you know good the photoshop (and similars) or 3dmax, post reply ^^.

When i will have more information about mod, i will post reply here.

Only i can say now that it will have:
- 2 factions (also, it is possible 3)
- New campaign (about the history of a future world war)
- New maps for multiplayer.
- New music.
- And more extras...

We speak of 2010-2020 year, the mod wont be very futurist.

I wait that people will accept this mod and i can see your opinions.

I wait your replies :rolleyes:


18th Apr 2005, 12:15
Did you finish the Mod 3.0 in Praets with the War Elephants ?

18th Apr 2005, 12:42
hi gorasonas! i am happy to see you. ^^ how time?

mod imperial 3.0 was launched in january with greek race (new models 3d) and new maps. Now we are working in mod 4.0 with the next races: persian, carthaginens, numidians and hispanos. Persian and carthaginens have war elephants. I dont now when it is ready to launch, but i think that soon.


18th Apr 2005, 22:32
id love to see a modern/future mod with this engine.

i can only imagine some of the things you could pull off, goodluck, and ill be one of the first to dl it if you make it.