View Full Version : Friday Night PS2 Open Death Match!

19th Mar 2005, 02:40
Well, we've just wrapped up and Pokemon took the tournament tonight, and in fact won every round. But he hardly had it all his own way, as in several rounds he was headed by a considerable margin, and had to fight his way back, taking two rounds by a single point. Congratulations, both to Pokemon and to all the fellows who took part in our first DM Night. Honorable mention goes to Cloud, Pot_Head, RumRunner, ChaosBlazer, PhantomSniper, Papabrow, Wrench, Lugg, eminemlife4, and Bo0mShAcA1AcA, who were just outstanding. So, first off, next week we will announce more tourneys for team play (though they won't be outright clan wars yet) with variable game modes, TDM, CTF, etc.
I would also like to open the floor to folks suggestions for the format for next Friday's DM tourney. I think we will be cutting back the number of rounds, as nine is too many. But what variations would you like to see for next week?

19th Mar 2005, 22:28
i would say do 5 rounds and maybe do a different mode like TDM or CTF but yeah it was fun i was in for about 2-3 rounds then i had to go but still it was fun.cant wait till next week

24th Mar 2005, 00:45
Hey Mike_g when do you plan on having another dm night when you come up whith a time or date tell me ok or E-MAIL me at bloodlordxx@yahoo.com

24th Mar 2005, 00:50
good look at the boards its posted on one of them