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17th Mar 2005, 20:15
We know where you greedy people have eagerly waited for: the interview. Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have just finished uploading it to our server. The bad news is that this is probably the biggest interview Pyro Studios ever gave, thus you'll have to read a big piece of text before you know of all those new, before unknown facts about the game (that's actually not bad at all!!) :cool:

Here are some quotes:

Imperial Glory
“The demo features two land battles, a presentation of the manage model and a Naval battle video.”
“Also, the game starts in 1789 but can end in 1840 (or even much later if there is no winner)”
“we’re aiming for something like a Pentium III 1 GHz, with 256MB RAM and 64MB GFX card”

Commandos: Strike Force
“Almost 100% of missions will support all types of gameplay including action, stealth and infiltration.”
“apart from the cigarettes we will have a coin to distract, smoke grenades, gas grenades, enemy uniforms, etc.”
“Along the three campaigns we will count with the help of allied troops (Russian and American) and also with the French resistance.”

Now quickly go check the full interviews out at:
TAFN | Imperial Glory (http://imperialglory.tafn.info)
TAFN | Commandos (http://commandos.tafn.info)

18th Mar 2005, 03:42

Very interesting interview.

Now the way I read it IG will be released in April (next Month).
It was the question about getting IG for Christmas 2005 and the associated answer.

It will be interesting to see how the Demo goes.

Best of luck and thanks for the answers :D

Mr. C.
18th Mar 2005, 11:40
Nice to finally have some info. One thing I think I got from it was that there will be no multiplayer campaigns, just individual battles. Did anybody else read it that way?

18th Mar 2005, 15:32
yes thats what it said. they said it was "to much work" /// :cool: oh well...

19th Mar 2005, 00:48
I can already tell you guys there is some more stuff on its way, as an addition to the interview. :cool:

Mr. C.
19th Mar 2005, 13:16
I like stuff! :D

19th Mar 2005, 19:10
Thanks Sick.