View Full Version : Sunday night Double-Trouble info. (3/20)

17th Mar 2005, 07:05
This Sunday we will continue with the double-trouble format, which includes both a race and kamikaze series. I have been tinkering with some handicapping and we will do more of this for the upcoming events. Here is a break-down of each, followed by the list of courses/variations.

The handicappping in this series goes as follows...after each race, the top 3 finishers must move from compact to other cars for the next race. It goes like this....winner must take Sports for next race. Second place finisher must take muscle for next race. Third place finisher must take truck. This will repeat after each race, so you will likely have several people switching cars. If you place in the top 3 on one race, then on the next you don't, you can then go back to a compact.

If for some reason somebody wants to, they are more than welcome to select any car they wish if they don't place in the top 3. Most of us use compacts in kamikaze races, especially on the tracks you will see listed below.

1. redwood x1
2. redwood x2
3. redwood x1 r
4. redwood x2 r
5. detroit x1
6. detroit x2
7. detroit x1 r
8. detroit x2 r
9. vegas x2
10 vegas x2 r

In a similar fashion to the kamikaze, only backwards, the top 3 finishers for each race MUST use the following cars for the next race. Winner must drive compact. Second place finisher must drive truck. Third place finisher must drive muscle. As with the kamikaze series, this process will repeat itself after each race. If a person isn't in the top 3 for a race and want to drive something other than a sports, then they may do so. I guess this would especially apply to any new players who might not have a sports.

Here are the tracks/variations.
1. bronx 1
2. bronx 2
3. san diego 1
4. san diego 2
5. miami 1
6. miami 2
7. bronx x1 r
8. san diego x1 r
9. miami x1 r
10. miami x2 r

See ya Sunday, 8PM CST