View Full Version : Thursday Night's new host tourney info

16th Mar 2005, 03:38
I hosted a game Monday night and folks were dropin' like crazy. Not a good sign for me as a host. I still plan on hosting this Thursdays, but if it's a lag out nightmare then I'll have to stand down as a host.

For my first one I will do ten Kamakazi five lappers.
The tracks will be...

first five tracks are Compacts ONLY
Bronx 1
Bronx 1X Reverse
Bronx 2
Bronx 2X Reverse
Detroit 1
then we switch to Sports ONLY
Miami 1
Miami 1X Reverse
Miami 2
Miami 2X Reverse
Detriot 1X Reverse

March 17th 2005 8pm CST
Host Nathan77