View Full Version : At wits end: anyone interested in an alpha test?

John D.
15th Mar 2005, 19:13
More problems with my Dt Gold Alpha, after considerable work rebuilding areas in deep trouble 2 pt 2 (miss 21) and other tweaks, I've gone back to testing under darkloader and I'm crashing to desktop when I try to play miss 21 again despite the fact the first two work fine. I havent added anything new, just stuff that was in the original version. I really dont know what's going on and I'm getting tired of the setbacks. If I were to wrap this thing up into an alpha file you guys could look at, would you be interested in poking around miss21 in dromed and darkloader to see what is going on? I need a bunch of 2nd opinions, otherwise I may just have to dump the rebuilt version of pt 2 and go with the old one with some patching to try to fix the temple crashing bug (which I DONT want to do!). Would anybody be interested? :(

15th Mar 2005, 19:43
I wouldn't mind having a look.

the one true thief
15th Mar 2005, 20:08
wouldnt mind taking a glance either :D always wanted to be a tester :p

John D.
16th Mar 2005, 02:15
Okay guys, I've e-mailed you the location. :) Anybody else who wants to test let me know.

17th Mar 2005, 00:00
Seeing as it may help others, I'll post this here instead of a PM:

After looking through miss19 in Dromed, I loaded miss21 and got the following error message (and had to close Dromed):
Assertion Failed
palmgr_alloc_pal(): no free palette slot! (File: palmgr.c, Line: 393)
(Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore)
Yes No Cancel

I restarted Dromed and loaded miss21 gain, but the error didn't return.

Interestingly, if I start with miss20, then load 21, there's no error message.

(This is theory - it would take ages to test)

Too many palettes. Each individual mission is fine, but the combination of 19 and 21 takes you over the limit.
The palettes must get stored in memory until you quit the game.
I did a test:
Begin the FM through Thief2, level skip to miss20, Save game. Quit T2, then restart. Load the game and skip to miss21 = > No crash.

Using the command palmgr_count , all missions are using 244 individual palettes. Not surprising given that you've got nearly 500 textures in obj\txt16

I found a thread at ttlg about it:
quote: "251 is the safe limit from within Dromed"
It's not hard to imagine the leftovers from mis19 combining with miss21 to push you over that limit.

Dark does seem to be able to recognise when two custom palettes (i.e. not the T1 palette) are identical, so you'll have to just use fewer palettes beween the various textures.

Plus, see if you can put any palettes from the original terrain texture families onto the custom ones (but the biggest gain is probably through obj\txt16)

John D.
17th Mar 2005, 12:38
Too much custom stuff got to me at last... :rolleyes:

Ok, at least I know I havent broken things beyond repair, since I still have an object or two to add as well as another texture family, I'll probably ditch miss.19 (deep trouble 1) to give myself a little room as well as cut the download size and just focus on DT2 levels.

I'll double check to make sure any unused textures and models are cut out and I'll start checking pallettes to see if I can convert some of my stuff to the same pallette to ease the probem between 2 missions. Whew it's fixable-thank you! :D

22nd Mar 2005, 18:14
You should be able to fully recover without ditching miss19. Just examine the palettes of your custom objects and anywhere you find some whose palettes are similar, just pick one and convert all the other objects to using it. It will be time consuming, but it should be completely possible.