View Full Version : Custom levels Vs. other games

14th Mar 2005, 23:16
How many of you are filling in the time between TR games, either playing TR custom level or other games. Or are you just a forum addict passing the time chatting hereabouts?

15th Mar 2005, 02:39
I'm currently playing custom levels (Tomb Raider of course!) and am thoroughly enjoying them. There are so many excellent levels available that I'm in no hurry for TR7. :)

Sophia Leigh
15th Mar 2005, 05:03
I'm replaying TR4 at the moment, I'm about to get TR2 Golden mask (I'm a PS player so haven't played the "sequel" levels in TR1, 2 & 3 yet and I'm about to get the Level Editor that comes with Chronicles) - to bide time until TR7.

I'm not a forum addict, I really only come here. I quickly check it out over here after checking business emails so I can keep up to date. Occasionally I go to the forums at www.tombraiderchronicles.com - as good as their forums are they take too long to load on my computer.

My two kids keep me busy, so I wind down with a quick game of Tomb Raider a few nights a week and normally only half an hour to an hour after they have gone to bed.

15th Mar 2005, 22:17
Custom levels and other games , i have just finished Resident Evil 4 , next game is Silent Hill 4 ,so bring it on.

Currently swearing at : The Imprisoned Spirits

16th Mar 2005, 01:08
I don't play video games much, if at all. I'm into web design and development, so that takes up most of my time. I just stick around here because I like the good company. I go to some other forums too that are web design related.

16th Mar 2005, 01:16
Played The Back to Basics Challenge custom levels recently.
Loads of fun, that.
Currently playing Agnes' Hell's Kitchen.
My time is kinda equally divided between here and PEEL
(Planet Express Employee Lounge) - a Futurama fourm.
With the rest of forum time over at TRLE.
And, of course, Michael convinced me to start reviewing custom
levels last year, so I've been doing that.
I'm expecting to get a new Mac in the next few months, then I'll finally
play AOD, and the raves are huge for WoW, so I'll probably pick that up.
Currently getting ready for some upcoming local art gallery projects.
I've been playing around with some simple digital photography this past
year, so that will be the bulk of what I'll be showing.